Lindsay Grace

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Internet: Web Design and Development

Professional Web Design and Development Experience

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Web design and development experience ranging from front-end development to database administration and middle-tier architecture. Contracts and employers include:

  • McMaster-Carr Supply, Web Design and Development, Elmhurst, IL
  •, Web Design and Development, Chicago, IL
  • Nahuatl Learning Environment, Web and Data Development, University of Chicago/Yale University
  • [more information]

I've beening using the Adobe Suite since 1999, before it was really a suite. I've worked professionaly with .Net and PhP/MySQL web sites. I've also been writing JavaScript since 1999. I know these technologies well, but there's always someone who knows them better :) I've been teaching Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and related software for nearly a decade. I'm very effective in the classroom, but I'm always learning something new.
Web-Based Games -
  The following are quick casual games I made in a few hours to demonstrate JavaScript as a game scripting language. I did these back in 2004, prior to the development of Sriptaculous, MooFx or any of the handy libraries and API's that make the non-proprietary web so much fun. I'm sure that some of these don't work on newer browsers, but just in case looking through dusty websites doesn't float your boat, perhaps these games will. If you need an acronym, you can call these DHTML games.  
Letter  Attack Screen

Letter Blast:
Javascript Game (2004)
Web-Based clone of a popular typing teaching game. Type the letter before it falls on the farm animals.

Chicken Run
Chicken Run:
JavaScript Game (2004)
Move your Chicken with < and > to avoid the hot-pepper
Puff the Mystical Dragon Screen Shot
Puff the "Mystical" Dragon:
JavaScript Game (2003)
A demonstration of the potential to build JavaScript-based action game
. Use the mouse to guide the dragon to mushrooms. (Internet Explorer Only)
UFO Game Image

UFO Dodge:
JavaScript Game (2004)

Navigate the UFO through the perils of space.