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Computer and Mobile Games


Mindtoggle Games Icon

Mindtoggle Games [1985, 2014]: Play

Mindtoggle Games makes casual games for a casual life. The games are designed for mobile devices and lightly employ the alternative mechanics of the Critical Gameplay project. The games are the commercial exploration of critical gameplay.

Penguin Roll

Bye, Bye Birds

Zombie Massacre My Child Knows Chinese
Penguin Roll Game for iPhone and Android Bye, Bye Birds Bikini Beach Zombie Massacre Game Icon My Child KNows Chinese
Mindtoggle / Critical Gameplay
Black Like Me Stolen Kisses Everyday Heroes:Home  
Black Like Me Icon Stolen Kisses Game Stolen Kisses Game  


Polyglot Screenshot

Critical Gameplay [2009-2014]: Art
Critical Gameplay is a collection of strategically designed video games. Each game asks the question, what do common game mechanics teach us? The games in the collection are designed to help reevaluate our perspective on gameplay experiences. Like Critical Cartography changes the way we perceive the world, critical gameplay seeks to offer alternate perspectives on the way we play.

Wait Match Bang! Levity
Critical Gameplay: Wait Critical Gameplay: Bang! Critical Gameplay: Bang! Critical Gameplay: Levity
Black/White Charity Healer Simultaneity/All4One
Critical Gameplay: Black White Critical Gameplay: Charity Critical Gameplay: Healer Critical Gameplay: Black White
Big Huggin' You    
Big Huggin' Critical Gameplay Big Huggin' Critical Gameplay    
Critical Gameplay - Mindtoggle Games
Black Like Me Stolen Kisses Everyday Heroes:Home  
Black Like Me Icon Stolen Kisses Game Stolen Kisses Game  

Polyglot Screenshot

Polyglot Cubed [2008-2012]: Educational
An educational practice tool and game prototype for learning languages. It is designed to entertain while enforcing language comprehension. Polyglot can be used to improve comprehension of a variety of languages with minimal training.

Nurture Extinction Game Extinction [2011]: Rhetoric Game
A quick procedural rhetoric game about balancing nurture and extinction. The player(s) must keep all the plants alive to win. There are limited resources, so use them wisely. Designed for one player or multiple players on one keyboard. Designed and developed in 24 hours as part of Global Game Jam, Miami University 2011. [Video]
Polyglot Screenshot

3rd World Shooter [2008-2009]: Educational "DocuGame"
An educational game prototype for imparting the history of the PAICV in the 1970s. The game is a prototype for docugame concept Id like to test. The game is a work in progress, completed in a weekend.

Letter Blaster Letter Blaster [2008]: Games for Helen Retro Remake
This is a quick game I made for the Games for Helen category of the 2008 Retro Remakes competition. It's a remake of a game I played when I was learning to type.
Zombie master Screenshot

Zombie Master [2006]: First Person Shooter
Zombie Master is a first-person adventure shooter in the tradition of 1950’s horror films and graphic novels. The player must find his missing daughter and destroy an army of the undead. 10,000+ downloads to date.

Health-E screenshot
Health-E [2005]: Educational Action
An educational game prototype meant to interest students in the processes of the human immune system. The game’s player character is a killer-T cell in the blood of an infected body. The player must come in contact with infected cells to cleanse them of the infection, while avoiding bacteria and virulent cells. The game play is analogous to a 3D version of Pac-Man
Rise of the Dead  Screenshot Rise of the Dead, Laduca’s Revenge [2005]: 3rd Person Action
An action-exploration game. It combines the fun of hackand-slash action games with the challenge of solving a maze. The game is displayed in 3D sterescopic display for the University of Illinois' GeoWall system. The gameplay is modeled after the classic game Gauntlet.
Games for Art Sake / Play Art
Drift Interruptions

Drift Interruptions [2008]
An ongoing project to visualize the structure of story. Version 4 includes a play tool in which the player creates a story by collecting items between multiple dimensions.

Conversations Thumbnail Conversations [2007]
An unguided exploration of other people’s conversations within a virtual space. The conversations are emitted from abstract primitives in a 3D environment. The piece seeks to strip the illusion of character avatars, expose bare simulacra, and convey the memory of electronic devices. The goal is to provide the participant an opportunity to explore a world that is an ambiguous cacophony of the fiction and non-fiction memory of this device.
Bounce Game Thumbnail

Bounce [2008]:
Site-specific, motion activated computer vision game where small, anonymous avatars follow the visitor as they traverse the stairs - giggling distinctly upon each movement. The software uses motion sensing, a physics engine, and stereoscopic sound to create an implied augmentation of reality.

Music Box Music Box [2006]
Music Box is an artistic implementation of emergent behavior and its use to create music. The performance version of Music Box employs a flocking algorithm to display animated notes that rise from a written score, then move to create a distinctive flock-lead musical arrangement.  The result is emergent sound; a musical arrangement directed by the visual representation of flocking.