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The Video Game Design Club (VGDC) provides an opportunity for Miami University students interested in video game design to build community amongst one another and network with professionals in the field of electronic gaming. It is a group for people who are not just interested in playing games, they are interested in making games and learning about how they are made. We are a group of artists, designers, and programmers passionate about video game design.

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Planned VGDC activities include:

  • Trips to game companies, game design graduate schools, conferences, special events and International Game Developer's (IGDA) association events
  • Tutorials, educational sessions, and professional training in the design and development of interactive media and games
  • Guest speakers from video game design
  • Organizing local events for the Miami University community including Global Game Jam
  • Social and networking events in games and game design
  • Design/play activities and events

The VGDC is open to all Miami University students in any major, with any level of experience.

We support independent game-making and appreciate innovative game design.

As part of our mission we will keep you informed about events for student game designers and developers, including available scholarships, conferences, and networking events.

You may also be interested in reading our constitution here.

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